Lawn Aftercare

Lawn Aftercare in Gatton, Brisbane, Toowoomba and Gold Coast

Once the turf has been laid, we offer lawn aftercare to all of our customers if they choose. All lawns require ongoing maintenance to maintain their attractive look and the health of the grass. We offer all the services you need to keep your yard looking its very best over the long haul. We believe that the beginning of any good yard is the lawn. That's why your yard is often the first impression people will have of your home or business, and our goal is always to help it look it's very best.

Our team is committed to only using the highest quality materials along with top-notch workmanship. We will work with you, to help you decide the best type of lawn aftercare for your circumstances and environment, and make sure we understand your long term turf goals.
Before Installation of Turf — Turf Installation in Gatton, QLD
We provide ongoing maintenance services such as lawn watering to keep it looking lush and healthy. The experts on our team carefully design your sprinkler system to ensure it gets maximum coverage while using as little water as possible for ongoing savings.

We also provide ongoing lawn mowing, trimming, bush cutting, weed removal, pest removal and protection, fertilising and other common issues that homeowners face with their gardens and lawns. We will discuss what your needs are in advance and will work with you to set up a maintenance schedule to ensure your home or business exterior looks its very best all season long.
After Installation of Turf — Turf Installation in Gatton, QLD

Why hire someone for lawn aftercare?

Aside from it being highly convenient not having to do the heavy lifting when it comes to keeping up with your lawn, it always pays to have someone who knows exactly what to do perform the maintenance.

Our team consists of professionals who are experts in all areas of lawn and garden care, so you can rest assured that you are going to get premium services that will leave your turf looking vibrant, lush and healthy no matter what the weather is doing outside. You can spend more time enjoying your new grass, and less time worrying over how you will keep it looking its best.